Thursday, February 10, 2011

medication needed

I missed my pills the last three days. I have not been feeling the greatest and I have been super tired. By the time I get upstairs I flop in bed and I cannot make myself get up to take the pills. (I take my Zoloft at night).

I think I will be double doing tonight. (My doc knows this is a necessity sometimes) I came home tonight and cleaned the kitchen like a mad woman. I broke out the steam mop, the hand steamer and a scrub brush and vinegar cleaner. I started on the floor, headed into the dowstairs bathroom, scrubbed the sink and ended up pulling out the stove and scrubbing the floor under it. (geeeee-ross) All of this was done while the oven was warming up for dinner. Woot!

My kitchen looks good, but I need to medicate the OCD tonight.

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