Saturday, December 31, 2011


- my leg is totally messed up. I had the hardware removed October. The pain did not go away. I did not get any more motion in the joint like I was supposed to. I kept telling the doctor I was still in constant pain. He kept telling me I was not. I begged for physical therapy, he said it was unnecessary. He released me saying I was 100% fixed. Workers Comp tried to release me. I through a HISSY saying I was not better and things were not right. After hollering, crying and threatening with a lawyer, I got a second opinion. Lo' and behold there was a peice of bone that was left in the joint. The doctor missed it. It is now imbedded in my tendon. I am in constant pain. I now have to see another surgeon to talk about having it removed. I knew I was right.

- my daughter had another manic episode last night. She has been awake since Thursday morning at 5am. She slept for a bit this evening, but is back awake at 8:30pm. She is exhausted so I hope she sleeps tonight. We only do this about every 6-8 weeks. The last time she stayed up all night was October 7. I suppose it could be worse.

- My FAS child is not doing well. School provides him with much needed routine and being off is a recipe for disaster. I cannot wait for school to start back up in 5 days! On the other hand, he has finally discovered what happens if you "rub" your penis long enough in one sitting. Freaked him the heck out! He came screaming downstairs saying it had "popped like a zit!" LOL

- The hubs has been quite sick. Nothing horrific, just cold and cough with sore throat. Just enough to make him miserable.

- Christmas went well. Everyone was happy. we trimmed down the presents this year and gave some necessities like new comforters and treats along with the "real" presents. I liked it and so did the kids.