Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today I took my young daughter into the pediatrician about some concerns I was having with her behavior. He confirmed my suspicions. We believe she too has Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. She begins medication tomorrow.

I am torn between emotions. While I know that this particular medication changed my life and gave me a new outlook, I am saddened that she is afflicted with the same disorder. I have thought that perhaps she was exhibiting these behaviors for quite a few months but I worried that I was projecting my twisted way of thinking onto typical young child behavior. My mom and my brother both have OCD as well, and I am the only one who is medicated. My brother thinks his is amusing (and it doesn't really interfere with his quality of life) and my mother really should be medicated. After talking to her this morning about my daughter and the doctor's appointment, she said she really needs to consider medication. That made me smile!

My husband is thrilled. He knows first hand what it is like to live with unmedicated OCD and he has been pushing me to do this for months. My daughter knows how to push daddy's buttons, and I think part of the issue is that he sees so much of me in her and he is frightened.

I hope this can change her life. I went undiagnosed and unmedicated until I was well into my marriage. Looking back at my adolescence I can see where I could've truly been helped by medication much sooner.


  1. When all else fails, medication is the answer, I believe.'Vitamins' can't cure everything.I hope they get the right combination (Not that I know that she'd need more than one type!) and that her quality of life, and yours, improves.I'm sad that she also has it,but glad that we live in a time when mental illnesses can receive appropriate care.

  2. I go through the whole emotional thing every time we have a med change. I never wanted to be using meds but the unmistakable fact is that they help my kids and that's what matters. Best of luck to you as you start down this path with your daughter! ~Kari