Sunday, October 2, 2011


Apparently when it rains in my life it POURS. This weekend I went up north to visit my fabulous Soul Sister and spend some time with her wonderful family. A bit over half way there, my child with FAS (16yo) began puking uncontrollably. I got him some nausea medication and it stopped until morning. Morning began a bit and more meds kept it at bay. By early afternoon he was bent over in pain (this is a child with next to no pain receptors) and puking up everything consumed and then some. I consulted with the ped at home and took him into a satellite emergency room.

A few tests later and about 2000 cc more vomit and we were on our way in an ambulance to the main hospital with a severe bowel obstruction. Suck. The husband stayed with him as we got things organized at her house with the other children (her husband was a saint and had 5 kids at the house all day!) and then headed back up in the evening. They say things will move along on their own with hydration and meds, or he will have to have surgery to clear blockage and likely to remove part of his bowel. Oi!

I returned hom with the little kids so they can go to school tomorrow (6 hours one way!). I will return to the Great North (6 hours one way! Did I say that?) and retrieve son and hubby or sit at hospital til he is well. What a week this one will be! The only solace is that I was with my darling friend when this happened. She is a gem! I love her to bits. I had lost my ever loving mind this weekend, misplacing things, stressed beyond max and barely breathing. She took over, packed me up, sent me things, bought us lunch, took care of all of us (and convinced me to buy some awesome shoes!) . I could not fathom my life without her in it. I am more than grateful that she is a part of me forever. (She couldn't get rid of me now if she tried!)

It was interesting to me that even though I was stressed and forgetful, I was not crying or falling apart. If this had happened anywhere else I could never had held it together as I did. She is my rock. As soon as I got on the road to go home, the sense of dread rolled over me and I began to rumenate about all the many things I had to accomplish over the next 24 hours. I started to hyperventilate in the car and had it not been for my two little angels in the back (har-har, my daughter raged for 20 minutes at one point) I may just have thought seriously about that urge to drive into the path of that semi barreling down the road at 70 miles an hour. The thought of seeing her again held me to the ground. It mattered. She mattered. I knew I could do this.

The fun doesn't stop here! Oh no! There were 3 more fun times! 1. My daughter raged for 20 minutes on the tollway at one point. My son and I ignored the best we could, I knew sahe was stressed about leaving daddy. Her counting and perseverating had worsened since this happened yesterday. At one point my son said, "Do you want to live to see your ninth birthday? Then shut up!" And you know what? She did. 2. My van started displaying the oil light. I pulled into a gas station and there was NO OIL at all on the dip stick! Ack! Thankfully I was out of the Big City and close to a gas station and 3. I started a fabulously awful yeast infection from the antibiotics from the pneumonia ON THE WAY home during this 6 hours trip!

Sometimes you just have to laugh! All the other options are just too bleak right now!


  1. Love it when kids say exactly what you are thinking but not saying - had to laugh (yep, literally out loud) over what he said!

    Hoping that this is the last of the excitement for you guys for a while!!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Oy.I hope he won't need surgery.