Saturday, October 8, 2011


So I am pretty sure my daughter is in a manic phase right now. She has been kina sorta diagnosed with a mood disorder and the BiPolar diagnosis has been discussed but not technically assigned. This is the third time that she has been in a phase like this and I am pretty sure she is cycling.

On Thursday I noticed she was agitated. I thought it was the drama of the weekend and her routine getting messed up. With her OCD the routine is critical. The same-ness of her environment is super important to her. On Friday, school was pretty rough. Her teacher called me to tell me that she was "bonkers" and was quite spastic. She was not raging, just wild. Her teacher said she also noticed her handwriting was large and very bold also. Last night she was well behaved, but loud and hyper. She did not sleep at all last night. She came into my room every half hour or so to say hello or tell me that she stubbed her toe. She stayed in her room watching television and did not make a huge mess so I was grateful. It is the middle of the afternoon and she is still going strong like she slept well.

The last time this happened was about 6 weeks ago. She acted the same. Not sleeping, full of energy and happy. Today I took photos af a friend;s child. She always goes with us and she was super helpful and kind to the child. She adores her and dotes on her. I suppose it could be worse, she could be crazy.

I have been mourning the BiPolar diagnosis since it was mentioned. I suppose it doesn't matter what initials are slapped on her chart, she is still my daughter and I adore her. It is much easier when she is pleasant and for that I am grateful.


  1. I am really sorry that you chose to have this child that will be afflicted with a life long illness. I am sorry that she will battle for well-being every day that she lives. I am sorry for the tax payers, as she will become their burden to bear. All because you decided that it was best for you to breed.

    Chances are that your daughter will also breed.

    And the cycle will continue.

  2. It's so sad that Anonymous' mom didn't know she was going to have a child with no heart.

  3. I am sorry such a nasty, narrow-minded comment was made.

    Maybe it is that Anonymous has not known the unconditional love of our Heavenly Father yet?

    My personal motto is "But for the grace of God, there go I" ... as it is so very true.

    But maybe Anonymous has not come to terms with that in themselves...


  4. so sorry for uber crappy attitudes.

    my son was diagnosed with bipolar when he was 14. he actually manifested the illness at age 8. it has never been easy. it has often been difficult. his accomplishments in life? so worth all of the time, tears, effort and work that went into it.

    for judgy mcjudgerpants up there, my son, with his ADHD, ODD, bipolar and depression, has had some issues. but at 23, he makes half-again as much as i do after 13 years teaching and earning a master's degree. he's the dude who goes onto locations and repairs the big diesel engines that pump the rigs to get the oil out of the ground to make the fuel for your car. he works as much as 20 hours a day in a grimy, nasty, tough environment. he not only enjoys it--he's GOOD at it.

    his path is different from mine. he's doing the best he can with what he's been given.

    and by the grace of God (thanks, Becky, for reminding me!), i gave him every chance i could. and i'll keep on giving him and other kids like him chances. God don't make no junk--even when He makes challenges.