Monday, September 5, 2011


My kindred spirit came to my town this weekend. (we met a couple weeks ago in Chicago) She traveled here with her kids and we had a fabulous weekend doing not much of anything. Last night, I stayed at her hotel for a bit while my husband took the kids home to get ready for bed. He told me I could stay and chat for awhile, but when I got home I knew he was upset. He really wasn't much upset that I got to spend time with her, but that I did not spend time with him.

He said something that was quite touching. When I told him that I had very few friends who I connected with and said, "She is the first person who truly gets me", I hurt his feelings. He said, "I get you." And he does. I have shared my struggles with suicidal thoughts and depression with him. He understands living this life because he lives it with me. But it is not his battle.

I know he gets me, but she understands me because she has the same feelings, the same issues and many of the same demons to battle. It is different. Although we have lived separate lives, unknown to one another for many years, we have taken very similar paths. I adore her as though I have known her for years, not merely months.

I love my husband with my whole heart. He is my rock. He and the kids are the reason I keep fighting. . . but sometimes it is good to have a kindred spirit.

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  1. Our husbands live it. They get it. There are things I can tell you...that I could never tell my husband. I tell him just about everything. However, there is an issue in our relationship that he thinks he needs to 'fix' me. And no matter what....he will not be able to 'fix' that part of the life I live.

    And as a matter of fact...I believe I did mention something to you last night that I've never told him. As I drove back to my hotel room last night I thought to myself...whoa...I actually told her that. And did not panic or worry.

    I know your dh gets you...he lives it. Your dh is freeking awesome.

    He eats, breathes, sleeps this life w/you. And I'm sure my dh does, too.

    I adore you even more than you could ever know!!