Tuesday, September 13, 2011


My husband has been sick for some time. Initially we thought it was food poisoning and when it didn't get much better consistently for about 6 weeks he went to the doctor. The initial tests looked like hepatitis. Thankfully more testing revealed what was likely a wicked viral infection. It also revealed that his testosterone was very low.

My husband had a pituitary tumor removed in 2001. When they removed the large walnut sized tumors, they had to remove a portion of the gland itself. This has caused issues with his body not making enough hormone. He used to have to do shots and then some cream. He hated the cream and he stopped using it. The last time they checked his levels he was fine. This time they were VERY low.

Low testosterone can cause irritability, fatigue, depression and anger amoung other things. He has had two injections so far and even the kids can tell a difference in his behavior and attitude. It is amazing! I hope that the tend continues and he begins to feel more like himself. Once this infection gets under control he should feel like a new man!


  1. Wow - didn't know it could cause all that! Good thing he went to the doc and crossing fingers that he continues feeling even better.