Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I have been doing well lately. So well in fact that I really haven't had any issues with my depression or even my OCD. But I can feel the stress welling up inside me. I am trying to stave off the ruminations, but I fear they are getting the best of me. I suppose it is time to double my dose and self-medicate for a few days. (not sure if that actually works, but it makes me feel better)

The stress? My daughter. If you recall she was diagnosed as OCD shortly before the new year. We saw a change in her behavior within a week. Her anxiety levels went way down and she stopped throwing fits all together. We had always thought that her fits were just of the stubborn, strong willed child variety. The more I watched their beginnings, the more I realized that they were caused by the anxiety of things not happening as she pictured them, not necessarily because she did not get her way. The clinging to me that she had always done really began ti dissappear as well. She was happy, pleasant and compliant.

The problem was that as we saw her make such progress at home, she began acting out at school. In the classroom she always pleased her teacher. She did tend to talk too much or without raising her hand, but she was a helper and a pleasant student. Recently she has beagn to be ugly and defiant. She refuses to do what she is asked. Will not sit where she is asked to sit. She even left the room without permission. It is as though her behaviors flipped. Good at school, rotten at home to good at home, rotten at school. I even received a call from the assistant prinicpal this week. Not good.

I decided to try taking her off the medication. She was great the folowing day in school. The problem was that I began to see her anxiety ramp back up. I knew it was something I could deal with, I mean we have been dealing with it for all this time, but I didn't want her to have to deal with it. I did not want her to live the childhood I did. The anxiety, the worry, the stomach aches, the counting, the ruminating and all the rest. I called the pediatrician and he assured me that she needs medication and I should try half the dosage for a week. I am okay with that, but I want to make sure she is behaved at school.

The BIG stress is that he mentioned he was concerned that sometimes anti-depressives in kids tend to unmask other issues. He fears that it could be unmasking some manic behavior. He was very careful to tell me not to fret and that it was just a fleeting thought that crossed his mind, I am freaking out. When I mentioned this to my mother, she said she had thought the same thing when it ame to my daughter. Ack!

So now I am praying that this dosage works and I do not have to face the possibility that psychiatrists and more labels are in our future. And I really need 2 pills tonight!


  1. Well, I don't know what med your daughter is on and I do not even play a doctor on tv. Here is my thought, could the time of day that she takes the med be affecting her reactions? If she takes it in the morning, try the after noon. If she takes it once a day, try splitting it to twice a day. AFTER consulting with the Dr. because I don't know what the med is and I have no idea anyway if the dosages times can be altered.
    I have a daughter who does very well at school but falls apart when she gets home. Her reasons are different, but I agree with you totally. I can handle the meltdowns, it is more important for her to be able to hold it together in school. She has to learn, experience and socialize there, hopefully without a stigma following her around. Here at home, meh, I can deal.

  2. Thanks for the comment Essie, I did change her time to night when I first learned she was having trouble at school. She is on Zoloft and while they say it shouldn't matter when you take it, I take mine at night or else I stress at night and can't sleep. So I did try, it didn't make much difference at school. but I also didn't give it much time before I freaked and yanked her off it. I really need to learn patience!

    The ped really wants us to work back to a full dose, so I think I will do half in the morning and half at night when we do. I hadn't thought of that!