Tuesday, July 13, 2010

sliding backward

My summer has been very busy. I have not had time to slip into anything other than bed at night. Keeping busy is a very good thing for my mental health.

My daughter has been struggling lately. The difficulty with transitions has been resurfacing. She has been having times of great rigidity in her thinking. She has began to count again. I call them "break through behaviors". These are behaviors that we once struggled greatly with and had seen leave with the addition of medication, but have sneaked back into her everyday reactions. Her separation anxiety has also amped up quite a bit. I called the psychiatrist before we left for vacation and he wanted to keep everything the same. At that point I was just seeing a greater likelihood for fits, but it has grown.

So I called the p-doc today and he wanted us to come in right away. I love this man. This is a man who you have to wait 3+ months for a new appointment and he sees my daughter the same day if she is having issues. He is kind and thoughtful. He is genuinely concerned about his patients and does such a good job with kids. We are very blessed.

He has increased her zoloft to 100 mg. We shall see if this helps. I have great hope that it will.

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  1. I hope so, too. And is great to have a psychiatrist you love :)